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I’m Left-Handed. I’m Also Alcoholic.


I'm Left-Handed. I'm also an Alcoholic.

Recovery Thoughts:

I’m Left-Handed.
I’m also an alcoholic.

~Joe Herzanek

I’m left-handed
Apparently I was born this way. No one knows for sure why a person is left-handed (Google it and you’ll come up with dozens of theories). No one asked me if I wanted to be a lefthander in a righthander’s world.

About 10% of the population are Lefties. It’s kind of awkward but there’s no changing it. “It is what it is” –or so they say. I have to accept this thing I cannot change.

I’m also an alcoholic.
Apparently I was born this way. No one seems to know why for sure. (Google it and you’ll find dozens of “theories”). For me, this means controlled social drinking (or drugging) is not an option.

I’m all in (recovery) or I’m not in at all.

So what’s a “Leftie like me” to do? I can either adjust and accept, or continue fighting it to the bitter end.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the thing(s) I cannot change. . .”   Please.


> Recovery Thoughts written by:
Joe Herzanek/Author,
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>What is Methadone? What is Harm Reduction?

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