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God and the Alcoholic Experience


Joe Herzanek interviews James B. Nelson, Author: Thirst, on Recovery Television

“God and the Alcoholic Experience”

with author, James B. Nelson
Host: Joe Herzanek

Joe’s interview with author James Nelson, God and the Alcoholic Experience,
is a powerful testimony to the importance of God
in the life of a recovering person.

Jim’s inspiring book “Thirst: God and the Alcoholic Experience”
is the focus of their discussion.

James Nelson, a retired seminary professor and also a recovering person,
gives a deep, yet practical insight into the spiritual component of recovery.

Challenging questions are answered
and his responses give clarity to the “disease vs. sin” issue
(is addiction a disease or a moral failing)?

What role does God play in the life of an alcoholic?

(Playing time: 40 Minutes)

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1) God and the Alcoholic Experience, with author James B. Nelson

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4) What is Addiction? with Michael Connelly/Odyssey Training

5) Women in Recovery, with Rebecca J. Flood and Helena Routhe

6) The Journey of Recovery, with Mike Richards/addiction2recovery

7) Teens Under the Influence, with Don Williams/Clearbrook Lodge

8) The Haven, Moms and Meth: Breaking the Cycle,
with Julie Krow/The Haven

9) Substance Use and The Workplace,
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10) Pornography, The Hidden Epidemic,
with Mike Richards/addiction2recovery


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God and the Alcoholic Alcoholic Experience Recovery Television


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