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Teens Under the Influence


“Teens Under the Influence”

Teens Under the Influence/Recovery Television

Joe Herzanek interviews Don Williams, Clearbrook Lodge, PA

Don Williams
Executive Director/Clearbrook Lodge
Host: Joe Herzanek

Don Williams, the guest for this show,
has worked for over twenty years exclusively with adolescents.

The teen years are perhaps the most challenging of all.
And what happens during this time will often determine the quality of life
for not only the teen but also the entire family.

Don’s insight and advice for parents
can not only shorten this difficult time

but also restore those broken relationships
and bring harmony to back to the family.

Covered here, are tips on blending empathy, tough love
and compassion, to help a young person recover.

This show is one of our favorites.

(Playing time: 28:30 Minutes)

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(click each title for more detailed info on each DVD)

1) God and the Alcoholic Experience, with author James B. Nelson

2) The Addicted Brain, with Michael Connelly/Odyssey Training

3) Meth, The Devil’s Drug, with Tonya Wheeler and Dr. Nicolas Taylor

4) What is Addiction? with Michael Connelly/Odyssey Training

5) Women in Recovery, with Rebecca J. Flood and Helena Routhe

6) The Journey of Recovery, with Mike Richards/addiction2recovery

7) Teens Under the Influence, with Don Williams/Clearbrook Lodge

8) The Haven, Moms and Meth: Breaking the Cycle,
with Julie Krow/The Haven

9) Substance Use and The Workplace,
with Jennifer Place and Sean Stevens/Peer Assistance

10) Pornography, The Hidden Epidemic,
with Mike Richards/addiction2recovery


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