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Prescription Addiction Radio (Tampa Bay, Florida)
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Hosted by Larry Goldbom, The Prescription Addiction Radio Show is dedicated to the thousands of families who are being or have been affected by the misuse of prescription drugs.

Listen to Joe’s interview from April 25

Take 12 Radio
Take 12 Recovery Radio (Portland, Oregon)
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Recovery Radio and Positive Music. 12 Step Radio at its best. Broadcasting 24 hours a day for the recovery community and all
Listen to Joe’s interview with Monty
May 7, 2010

Recovery Now Radio (Madison, Wisconsin)
Over the past couple years I have taped various radio interviews. Among these were several with a wonderful weekly show called “Recovery Now!” Host Ned Wicker and I engage in easygoing discussions covering a multitude of topics.

Jail is Not the End of the World!
Chaplain Joe Herzanek has much experience with this topic as he has spent the last 17 years working at the Boulder County Jail helping those struggling with addiction to overcome it.
30 min. Listen Now

Step 6: Ready to Have God Remove Defects
Joe Herzanek discusses Step 6 of the Twelve Step program: Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. A subtle but very key step in recovery.
30 min. (2009 show) Listen Now
30 min. (NEW 2010 show) Listen Now

Step 7: Humbly Asked Him to Remove Shortcomings
Joe Herzanek discusses Step 7 of the Twelve Step program: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. This step really increases the changes in a person’s life as they move into recovery from addiction.
30 min. (2009 show) Listen Now
30 min. (NEW 2010 show) Listen Now

Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone you love is to detach from them.
30 min.  Listen Now

“Is There A Conflict Between Christianity and the Twelve Steps?”
Joe Herzanek discusses the relationship between Christianity and the 12-step program of recovery and how they are related.
30 min.  Listen Now
(Click here to read all twelve steps).

Step 12: Staying Connected
Giving back and staying connected are the key parts of the last step in the 12-Step process. How do you stay in recovery?
30 min.  Listen Now
(Click here to read all twelve steps).

A Summary of All the 12 Steps
A quick review of each step and why you need each one to recover from addiction and to avoid relapse. We’ve gone through each of the steps now, and this time we review all with Joe Herzanek, author of “Why Don’t They Just Quit?
30 min. Listen Now
(Click here to read all twelve steps).

Why Don’t They Just Quit?
Joe Herzanek discusses “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” a book and DVD set he has developed to explain all aspects of drug addiction and alcoholism.
30 min. Listen Now

Ned Wicker

Ned Wicker/Host: Recovery Now!
Addictions Chaplain
Waukesha Memorial Hospital Lawrence Center
Waukesha, WI

Read Ned Wicker’s article “Recovering Addiction: Wrestling With Spiritual Issues”(click here)

(Sept. 15 & 22 Recovery Now! shows, plus Joe’s 60 minute interview with Berk Lewis “Next Step Radio”)

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