Phone Counseling for Families Dealing with Substance Abuse


JoeHerzanek, Addiction Counselor and InterventionistThe best way
for family members and friends
to get help—today.

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for details/more info.

Providing families in need with over 30 years of real-life,
hands-on experience and success.

Your situation may be unique, but it’s not hopeless.
We specialize in those tough, “seemingly impossible” situations.

There IS a solution. Together we can formulate a plan to restore sanity to your life
—saving you and your family time, money, stress and unnecessary heartache.

Phone Counseling
with author/addiction counselor Chaplain Joe Herzanek.
Specialized to your unique situation.

“We appreciate the convenience of being able to call. I don’t know if my husband would have participated otherwise. Just prior to the events over the last few weeks I received your email regarding this service. It kept coming to my mind. I feel that it was God’s direction to call you. My husband reaffirmed it by telling me I did the right thing. He would not have read the book. Thanks for making yourself available.”

We understand there are times when life seems so out of control and hopeless–you just can’t  sit down and find answers from a book or DVD.

In order to effectively come alongside and partner with you to make changes you can live with, we offer one-on-one consulting.

You and your family will work with Joe to formulate a plan which will begin to restore sanity to your life–saving time, money, stress and unnecessary heartache.

Begin taking the steps your family needs to end the chaos and receive specific guidance for your unique circumstances.

Joe will walk you through the steps you need to take, giving you knowledge, support and confidence to “do what needs to be done—every step of the way.You can get through this.

Gain peace of mind, knowing that you are taking the steps necessary to begin healing and recovery—for your loved-one and your family.

Private phone consultations are a simple, anonymous way to get help NOW. From the comfort of your home or office, no travel time—and we can link in (to a three-way call) any of your family members. . . from anywhere in the country.

to learn more about this option.



What people are saying . . .*
“What our family went through with my 36 year old daughter’s relapse, and being able to soak up your information like a sponge is truly a miracle. I took your advice, followed our plan and took positive action. You gave me the courage to go ahead and do simple things that have made a bad situation much better. You helped bring me the strength I need to cope with this.”
~Marilyn S. (Rochester, NY)

“I ordered and read your wonderful book “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” but found that I still had questions and doubts about what my next steps should be. Scheduling time with Joe was just what I needed. I feel empowered, and not hopeless as before! He cuts through the junk and spells things out in a short, sweet and no nonsense manner–to the point with input that is positively right-on.
~Pat M. (Loveland, Colorado)

Joe had a wealth of information and ideas that have never occurred to us. We were feeling so defeated. With Joe’s insights we took a  different approach, and we have seen dramatic changes. Now, as a family, we will step back and live our lives and pray.”
~Trish & Bob (San Antonio, Texas)

“I didn’t know where to turn. At first we didn’t believe this was happening. Nobody ever knows when they will be in this type of situation. I never thought my son would be an addict and I never knew I could be so strong. If anyone is going through this type of situation, get tough and get help . . . fast!
~Deborah B. (Grand Junction, Colorado)

Joe’s suggestions helped us to end, what was an incredibly painful time for all of us. For the first time, I feel confident that Justin will find his way. It is a great feeling. It was the best Christmas gift that we’ve received this year.”
~Angela P. (Overland Park, Kansas)

Our phone meetings with Joe have proven to give our family the clear-cut direction that we needed to formulate a plan of action. We so much needed your reminders about how to stay sane in the insanity of active addiction in the family. ”
~Ken & Jane (Winter Park, Colorado)

“I am so grateful for Joe’s counsel a month ago when (my son) was in another relapse and his choices were so painful for me to watch. I needed someone to support me in keeping my boundaries. Thanks again for the hope, encouragement and suggestions. Blessings and Gratitude to both of you.”
~Mary C. (Denver, Colorado)

I was pretty sure before I met with Joe that I couldn’t handle what was coming next for my son. But he helped in so many ways. I didn’t feel so lost and hopeless. I would recommend meeting with Joe to anyone. He understands families and what they go through.”
~Sandy T. (Marseilles, Illinois)

“My husband is an alcoholic and after talking to Joe, I now know that it is okay not to give up on him, and that there is hope. He walked me through various ways I can show “tough love” and “raising his bottom.” He helped me to plan my next steps.
~Jessica L. (Miami Beach, Florida)

“Having a son with a severe alcohol/drug abuse problem, who has been through more than one treatment program, I was desperately looking for answers. Mr. Herzanek conducted phone sessions with my wife and I, and gave us a plan . . . and prepared us for and guided us through the confusion, drama and pain.”
~Mark N. (Burlington, Washington)

I wish I had been knowledgeable enough to have talked to Joe the moment I suspected my significant other had a problem with alcohol addiction. It would have saved me a great deal of money, time and pain. The matter of fact, calm and straightforward way that Joe communicates with someone in crisis is extremely reassuring and helpful.
~Ginnie R. (Augusta, Georgia)

“I recommend it as a first step in handling a sensitive situation the correct way so that you have no regrets later. If I had met with Joe two years ago, I would have handled the situation very differently, and might not have wasted the last three years of my life. Joe has helped me to move on with my life, detach with love, and not waste a minute longer on uneducated approaches that didn’t work for me.”
~Beth W. (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Joe’s book was the most informative book I had read on addiction. Our teleconference with him was both uplifting and pragmatic.” ~ R.H. (Albertville, MN)

“I just want to say that I had never sought help from someone by phone (not in person), but because Joe’s book was so impactful and informative, I knew if I had contacted him, he would sincerely want to help our family out, and that’s exactly what I found. I thank God for people like Joe who make it their life’s mission to help people get the help they so desperately need.

I’m the parent of a child struggling with an addiction and I was clueless and ill-equipped to deal with this disease. I truly sensed his sincerity and genuine desire to help. He even asked us to contact him at a later time to let him know how everything is going. I pray that the Lord will bless his work and open doors for him to help even more people than he’s dreamed possible.” ~ L.L. (San Antonio, TX)

* Clients names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Are sessions confidential?
You can be assured that what you share with Joe Herzanek is between you Joe and not shared with others. Changing Lives strives to continually meet and exceed HIPAA compliance standards. With the exception of specific situations outlined in the privacy policy , our conversations are confidential. We take your privacy very seriously.


Addiction Recovery Resources for Families of Substance Abusers, Addicts and Alcoholics

Available at:
> Our website, “Why Don’t They Just Quit?”
> Changing Lives Amazon Storefront (buy new, from us for much less)

Why Don't They Just Quit? Hope for families struggling with addiction.
Updated and Revised Edition

Recent reviews:
Best book ever about addiction. Written by one whose done it and is recovering. Easy to read, not preachy, just honest. I recommend this book to anyone with an addict in their life! ~Lynda A

Got an addiction problem in your family? Read this book. Joe knows his stuff. This book helps you to better understand those who are dealing with friends and family that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I have read several of these books but this one is the best. ~RJ

I, like many people, have some knowledge of what drugs and addiction are, but are clueless on what the process of recovery entails. This book does a great job in what it would take to help a loved one, who is an addict and is willing to get clean and stay clean. It also gives one hope that your loved one will survive the nightmare they are living through with their family. ~CG

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Addiction Recovery Resources for Families of Substance Abusers, Addicts and Alcoholics

4 Major Advantages of Telephone Counseling with an Addiction Professional

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10 thoughts on “Phone Counseling for Families Dealing with Substance Abuse

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  2. Catherine

    Hi Joe,

    I’ve read your book and watched the DVD – both very good and informative. Thank you. I haven’t seen many stories about parents with an alcohlic spouse.
    I have been divorced from my husband for 1 year. We have a 14 yr old son and 10 year old daughter. In short, my ex came to pick our son up from my house and I had suspicions he had been drinking. So, I asked him to blow into a breathalizer(he has been claiming he hasn’t been drinking for months- even though the children have told me they have seen beers around the house). He initially agreed and then refused. I told him if he wouldn’t do it then I couldn’t let him take our son in the car. He left without a fight. Although he called me later and was very angry that I questioned his sobriety.
    My question is – Will alcoholics that are not active in an AA program ordon’t have a sponsor lie about their drinking? I even asked him that night if he’d been drinking at all that day and he denied it. Do they really believe that they don’t drink even if they have? Is he not only lying to himself but to me, as well?

    Thank you.

  3. Joe

    Dear Susan,
    I would need a lot more info to give you a clear answer on your post. If your boyfriend has thirty five years of recovery he should know better than to be an enabler with his daughter. My book and DVD would help you both a lot.

    Please consider getting a copy. I would love to hear back from you after you have finished reading it. This problem can be worked through but the work part is based on someone’s willingness to change.

    Al-anon would be a free resource for you and most towns have at least a few groups if not several. Becoming informed on what works best is Step 1.

    Best regards, Joe

  4. Joe

    Dear Tonya,

    Your post has several questions in it and none of them have an easy answer.

    If I were you I would start to read all you can on alcohol and drug addiction. The situation you are in is very perplexing.

    My advice is to get out, get involved with Al-anon, and tell your boyfriend that you will not see him again until he has at least thirty days of clean time. If he values your relationship he will do it. If he doesn’t then maybe it’s time to move on.

    Life’s too short to waste much more time on this guy and live under these difficult circumstances )-;

    Hang in there, Joe

  5. Tonya

    Hello my name is Tonya I myself is a recovered drug attic. I have been away from all this for 5 years, however I lost my husband three years ago due to his addiction. When I say I won’t tolerate their behaviors they make it seems like I am crazy. I am now liveing with a full blown alcohlic, how i ca tell is his moods when he drinks, he won’t talk to me and everything I say turns into an arguement, then turned back on me. He just went thru a divorce with a woman that left him for another man about 20 moths ago. They have three children and when we first started to date everything was great, then before their first grandchild 2was born it changed. His ex-wife trys to start problems into our lives and if she can’t destroy our relationship sh will have their sons to start shit, I have been pushed into a corner fighting my way out. At christmas this year he did not buy me anything because he said that is his way of makeing me suffer for pushing. I try and try to talk calmly about our relationship but he does not allow it. I have been told I am crazy for putting up with all this for as long as I have. If his grown children; (Which are 22,19,18 or will be 18 in febuary that is); say to hyim why do you put up with her, he listens but however it is ok for his children to call me bad naes and turn things on me and when I say things to their dad he sides with them. Now his ex-wife is a drug additic and so is his children and he i a alcolic; me I don’t do anything nomore. I may drink to be on the same level as he is but I know in my heart that is wrong. So if you could please help me with some really good advice for my situation that I am in I greatly appriciate it. thanks Tonya Dreyhaupt a very concerned inavidual that is truely in love with this alcoholic…..

  6. Susan Mack

    I found your site on the Internet. I have been dating a man for fifteen years who has a daughter that is extremely involved with drugs and alchohal since the age of 13 (she is now 46 yrs. old). She shows no or little ability in recovery. These past few years she has managed to manipulate and control her enabling father to even further extents. He seems to be going along with her (he is a recovered alchoholic of 35 yrs.).
    She has managed to “throw me out of the house”. Where does a couple that gets along pretty good go when everything else goes wrong like this?

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