Are you a “Supermom?” It’s time to think about changing.


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Are you a “Supermom?” It’s time to think about changing.

~By Barbara Theodosiou, Founder, The Addict’s Mom


Are you a “Supermom?”

My friend called the other day and asked me why I sounded so blue? I replied “what is the point of talking about IT?” She knew what I meant by IT. IT was how I referred to my addicted son. He had been our main topic of conversation for several years. She politely told me that it was not my fault. Just like a spoiled child, I replied “I don’t care if it is my fault or not. All I care about is that my son is dying in front of my eyes.”

A little annoyed and in a very firm tone, she told me “there is not a phone call you could make or a thing you could do anymore that can save your son. Remember Superman?” Of course, I replied. “Picture Lois Lane standing on the railroad tracks, a speeding train approaching, just about to hit her. Then Superman swoops down, stops the train with one hand just in the nick of time and saves Lois. Your son has had his own personal “Superman”– or in this case “Supermom”– who has rescued him his entire life, swooping down in the nick of time again and again to save the day.”

“Just like “Superman” is a TV and movie character, “Supermom” is make-believe too,” my friend continued. “Your son’s dependency on you is very unhealthy and unrealistic. It’s robbing him of one of life’s greatest gifts — the gift of being independent. When you let go of control, your son will be able to experience the natural consequences of life. Only then will he become his own man and the hero of his own life story.”

Even though I felt a little awkward and bruised I couldn’t help but smile. I knew how much my friend loved me and how courageous she had been to tell me the truth. She reinforced for me what I already knew — that it was time for me to make some major changes. My first positive step would be to visualize throwing my cape away, putting my sweatshirt back on and adjusting to being plain old mom again — kind of like going from “Superman” back to Clark Kent!

Barbara TheodosiouThe Addict’s Mom,” founded by Barbara Theodosiou is a group focusing on the mothers of addicted children. The relationship between the mother and addicted child is unique; that does not diminish the experiences of other family members. This group however, is dedicated to addressing the mother’s pain but more importantly, the commonalities of our experiences thus illustrating to the grieving mother that she is not alone nor is she unique in this respect. One line, one thought can help change her perspective for the better.

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  1. jherzanek Post author

    Hi Dixie,
    Sorry….I just saw your post here. There sure is a group near you! We have a meeting-finder link on our Resources Page—plus a lot of other info. Look at AA and/or Al-Anon (depending on what your needs are). Please email me if you have other questions okay? (you can use the contact us link at the bottom).

  2. Dixie

    How do i find you? this site just popped up before my eyes and spoke to me. Time to take off the cloak. i am in Orange, CA- is there a group near me?


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