Specialty “Bath Salts, Fake Cocaine” Linked to Hospitalizations, Suicides

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Illegal Bath Salts

Illegal Bath Salts

Specialty “Bath Salts, Fake Cocaine”

Alarming numbers of adolescents and others are ending up in emergency rooms and mental hospitals after using ”fake cocaine” — a powder legally sold as bath salts, The Sacramento Bee reported Jan. 18.

Fake Cocaine:

Specialty “Bath Salts, Fake Cocaine”: The so-called bath salts are not common brands, but instead specially-made powders that are sold in convenience stores and specialty shops in half-gram bottles for about $25 to $30. Users snort them, smoke them, or inject them like cocaine to experience euphoria. However, they can cause “paranoia, chest pains and irregular heartbeats,” the Bee reported. Despite the fact that they are legal in some areas, it is not recommended that anyone try bath salts. Bath salts themselves are incredibly addictive, and they can also lead to a number of other stimulants such as cocaine, crack, or even methamphetamine. If you find yourself becoming addicted to bath salts or any other drug, then rehab may be the right choice. You can read the how to pay for rehab book at RehabHotline.org if you want to receive help, but are unsure of how to obtain it. This information is essential for anyone that finds themselves becoming addicted to narcotics.


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Specialty Bath Salts, Fake Cocaine, Specialty Bath Salts, Fake Cocaine, Specialty Bath Salts, Fake Cocaine

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